‘Cabinet heavyweight’ Rudd throws backing behind Jeremy Hunt

Our serious times require serious people says Hastings MP Amber Rudd and that’s why she has decided to back Jeremy Hunt as the future leader of the Conservative Party – and Prime Minister It has been hard to miss Ms Rudd on TV, radio and in the press today as she has thrown her wholehearted […]

Poll shocker for Rudd – but it’s not looking good for Chowney either!

Analysis of recent opinion polls says that in a general election Amber Rudd would be one of a number of high profile Conservative MPs who would lose their seats in the House of Commons. But before Hastings and Rye Labour Party start to celebrate the news it’s not looking good for their man Peter Chowney […]

Amber rules out bid for top job saying it’s not ‘my time’

Amber Rudd appears to have ruled herself out of a bid for leadership of the Conservative Party. The national press is reporting that Ms Rudd has said: “I don’t think it’s my time at the moment.” Last month she told Radio 5 Live that she was ‘not particularly working on’ a leadership strategy adding: “I think what […]

Borough councillors’ attendance record since May 2018

In December we carried a story detailing the level of allowances paid to members of Hastings Borough Council (HBC), the 32 men and women elected almost a year ago to represent your views on local issues. So, as we approach the first anniversary of those council elections, when all 32 seats on HBC were being […]

Amber Rudd – why I voted the way I did… a message to my constituents

There have been calls today for Amber Rudd to either resign her cabinet post or be sacked by Prime Minister Theresa May. Many believe Ms Rudd broke the convention of collective responsibility which requires government ministers to vote for government policy regardless of their own personal views. In the past ministers unable to uphold the […]

Making the news – Amber Rudd is hitting the headlines again

It has been a tumultuous week in the national press for Hastings’ MP Amber Rudd. She has been accused of ‘cynical plotting’, she had to ‘furiously deny’ having offered advice to former Tory MP and vehement anti-brexiteer Anna Soubry who left the Conervative party last week and there have been calls for her to resign […]

Committed to Hastings – Rudd denies she’s looking for a safer seat

Amber Rudd is committed to Hastings and in a weekend interview with the Financial Times she categorically denied being on the look-out for a safer seat. In the interview the FT’s political editor George Parker suggested to Ms Rudd that the vulnerability of her constituency (her majority is just 346) to Labour had prompted some people to […]

Is Amber Rudd’s cabinet future on the line – again?

Could Hastings MP Amber Rudd be heading for the cabinet exit door for the second time in just nine months? Ms Rudd has been forefront of the Brexit debate this week and she is being tipped by the national media as one of several high-profile cabinet ministers who are set to resign in protest if […]