About us

Hastings In Focus is a hyperlocal news website dedicated to showing off the very best of Hastings and St Leonards.

We want to cover the stories about the good things happening in the community and about the remarkable achievements of local people.

We pride ourselves on our non-partisan coverage of the activities of our local public bodies. It’s our aim to ensure that local people know and understand what their councils and elected representatives are doing in their name.

Our coverage is independent in the truest sense of the word. It aims for those old fashioned journalistic values of balance, fairness and freedom from bias. Values that appear to have been lost in great swathes of the media at both a local as well as national level.

Launched by publishing veteran Stuart Baillie, Hastings In Focus will use all the latest online tools to tell the story of the town and its inhabitants. You can watch great video on our YouTube, listen to audio clips of local people telling their own stories in their own words on Soundcloud all complementing written news stories and features and great photography showcasing the very best from this corner of East Sussex.

Hastings In Focus is about showing off the great things happening at the heart of our community and telling the stories of the people out there doing their very best for themselves, their neighbours and their community.