Amber rules out bid for top job saying it’s not ‘my time’

Amber Rudd appears to have ruled herself out of a bid for leadership of the Conservative Party.

The national press is reporting that Ms Rudd has said: “I don’t think it’s my time at the moment.”

Last month she told Radio 5 Live that she was ‘not particularly working on’ a leadership strategy adding: “I think what I have said is I am not planning to run. I have kept the door slightly ajar but I am not committed to it at the moment.”

She warned at the time that if none of the candidates were judged to be good enough she could then throw her hat in the ring: “That is entirely possible, I don’t rule it out,” she said.

On Friday, after Theresa May’s announcement that she was standing down Ms Rudd said: “I am conscious that the Conservative party wants to have someone who they believe is very enthusiastic about Brexit.

“I still think it is a difficult job to do but we can do it, we can make a success of it.

“There are all sorts of plans I would like to have when we do leave the European Union but I don’t think it is my time at the moment.”

As a member of the newly-launched One Nation group of Conservative MPs, she will not announce who she supports until the group has held its hustings.

She says: “We want to hold back before committing to anybody because we want to interrogate them on the policies.”

Hastings In Focus has asked Ms Rudd’s spokesman for her comments not just on who should be the next leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister but also for her thoughts on her party’s performance in last weeks elections for the European Parliament.

In Hastings the Conservative party could only muster 1,653 votes, just a seven per cent share of the vote, and fell to fifth place behind the Brexit Party, the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and Labour. The Brexit Party was top of the poll with 8,977 votes, a 37 per cent share.

2 thoughts on “Amber rules out bid for top job saying it’s not ‘my time’

  1. It is very clear that all the Remainers in the government (and this includes Amber Rudd) will do their very best to cause more problems even when a candidate to replace Mrs. May is selected.
    When will Remainers get the message that the democratic vote was to LEAVE the EU and you cannot simply call another referendum just because you didnt like the outcome. This is truly a shocking indictment of how the government operates here. And it was pretty obvious that Theresa May was always a Remainer and at the very end she was prepared to allow a second referendum. What at shameful admission. Good job she is going. The worst PM we have ever had.

    1. Looking at Amber Rudd’s decision not to run with that other mass for the top job surely has to be based on two issues-correction please if I am wrong:

      1) She is a “Remainer” just as the P.M. is, so that’s not particularly in her favour when you look at the latest election results.
      2) She barely made it in this constituency when her boss had that wild idea of holding an election.

      Hence the latter reason would surely make her situation untenable as her future here is what you might describe as stepping closer to that Quick Sand.

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