Committed to Hastings – Rudd denies she’s looking for a safer seat

Amber Rudd is committed to Hastings and in a weekend interview with the Financial Times she categorically denied being on the look-out for a safer seat.

In the interview the FT’s political editor George Parker suggested to Ms Rudd that the vulnerability of her constituency (her majority is just 346) to Labour had prompted some people to suggest that she should do a ‘chicken run’ and find a safer seat.

Ms Rudd said: “Absolutely not. I’m absolutely committed to Hastings.”

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From Saturday’s edition of the Financial Times

An ardent campaigner for remaining in the European Union (EU) Ms Rudd says leaving the EU without a formal deal in place would be a particularly bad outcome for the country: “I feel no deal is a bad outcome and I feel we are getting too close to it, I’m concerned it could happen by mistake. The government and all MPs have a responsibility to try to stop that,” she says in the interview.

Of Brexit itself she says she regrets the outcome of the 2016 referendum but is not trying to reverse it through a second public vote, she says she is ‘reconciled’ to leaving the EU. She wants to move on: “For now the thing is to move on to the next stage, not to another referendum. That’s a terrifying thought.”

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2 thoughts on “Committed to Hastings – Rudd denies she’s looking for a safer seat

  1. Bit difficult to believe Ms Rudd is not looking for a safer seat in view of the last general election. With a majority of less than 400 and Cllr Chowney well in her shadow, you think she would be worried.

    Problem though with most politicians do you believe what they tell you. And lets face it she is hardly going to admit to the electorate of Hastings & Rye she is vying for a safer seat……is she.

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