A VERY busy week at HKA and the standards are sky-high

Hastings Kickboxing Academy’s Chief Instructor Carl Denne is over the moon after his club’s latest grading.

“A huge congratulations to everybody who passed their grading last week; red, yellow, orange, green, purple and blue,” says Carl.

“It was amazing to see how high the standards are, especially with the higher grades but overall the standard was so high this time round. Our Tots, who start with us aged three, are becoming good enough to grade after just a few years of training. The Cadets, Teens, and adults have all progressed, and the effort people were putting in on the day of the grading was amazing.”

Those scoring success in the grading process were:


  • Holly Gledhill
  • Rachel Trebell
  • Max Margey
  • Holly Trebell
  • Stanley Bridgett
  • Kylan Preston
  • Freya Nightingale
  • Ashdon Walker
  • Dominykas Jarockas
  • Brook Shaw
  • Mathias McCollin-Moore
  • Elsa O’Sullivan
  • Olivia Benge
  • Bod Knight
  • Tom Chetwode
  • Alex Nieleszczuk
  • Shane Ali
  • Tyler Hooker
  • Naiyah Wetherell
  • Etta Bosence
  • Stanley Bosence
  • Beau Blackshaw
  • Kyle Brookes
  • Josh Long
  • Max Waters
  • Madisyn Boardman


  • Caitlin Bull
  • Cain Dunn
  • Jessica Ridley
  • Eddie Wray
  • Spike Flynn
  • Amelia Putman
  • Sophie Burton
  • Maisie Clark
  • Warren Clark
  • Mason Allan
  • Lexie Holyoak
  • Mehran Nadiri
  • Charlotte Ham
  • Arwyn Keast
  • Jack Sheppard
  • Jake McCann


  • Leon Sazkissyan
  • Suzanna Sazkissyan
  • Rory Juniper
  • Josh Gibbins
  • Jessica Small
  • Joe McSweeney
  • Elsa McSweeney
  • Phoebe Juniper
  • Tayler Price
  • Fletcher Elliott
  • Lily Smith
  • Oliver Foley
  • Lucy Spink
  • Alfie Morgan
  • Cayden May
  • Aaliyah Michael


  • Amanda Martin
  • Frank Bebe
  • Joshua Frazer
  • Fynley Shorter


  • Lily Martin
  • Ellis Barlow
  • Billy Joe Fitzgerald
  • Jesse Matten
  • Jake Payne


  • Richie Davis

Carl says: “Come up and see the Kickboxing experts on how we can help you out today.”

To find out more contact Carl on 07949 221946 for more information, or visit our new site at www.hastingskickboxing.co.uk.

Listen to carl talk about his passion for the sport on The Hastings Podcast follow the link below.

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