Getting ‘better and better’ grading successes at HKA

Hastings Kickboxing Academy held one of its regular gradings earlier this month and according to Chief Instructor Carl Denne the results show the clubs members just keep getting ‘better and better.

Carl says: “Since our change to the time table last month we have already seen a great improvement in the classes as we now have more time with each member. Well done to everyone that passed last week in their grading.”

Passing their Red grades were,


Mason Allan, Maisie Clark, Warren Clark, Christina Brown, Eddie Wray, Georgie Barton, Jake Thompson, Lily-Mae Smith, Ryan Simpson, Marwah Bencide, Samantha Lorkin, Liam McManus, Valentine Tammaro, Caitlyn Bull, Fletcher Elliott, Jess Ridley, Anthony Fowlie, Isabelle Fowlie, Finn Williams, Max Henshaw, Sophie Burton, Jack Sheppard, Joshua Gibbins, Rae Rae Burton, Cain Dunn, Guy Wakeford.

Passing their Yellow grades were

Franky Rielly, Carrick Milsted, Lucy Spink, Brayden Robus, Sophia Robus, Phoebe Juniper, Tess Reynolds, Greg Quinn, Tilly Henshaw, Annabelle Brampton, Dexter Turner, Taylor Price, Rebecca Chan.

Passing their Orange grades


Haylan Corbett, Frank Beeb, Daniel Willis, Maddison Price, Sefton Blatchley, Izzy Blatchley, Amelia Gould.

Passing their Green grades were

Jake Payne, Roman Nadiri, Grace Swaine, Ronnie Brooks, Sanjay, Poppy Keogh-Wilsden, Khira Pells.

Josh Gibbins, Lily-Mae Smith and Fletcher Elliott all passed their Reds with A* and moved on, all three passing their Yellow grades too.

Carl says: “As always we are so proud of the HKA team, they always put in 110 per cent effort.”

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