Classics come to Bannatyne’s and crowds flock to see them

More than 1,000 fans of old cars flocked to the gardens of the Bannatyne Spa Hotel on Sunday to pour over 250 stunning examples of motor cars through time.

From old Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis and classic Jags to the more mundane including Fords, Rovers and a couple of Leyland Princesses, exhibitors came from across the south east to show off their prized possessions.


A common sight on British roads in the 60s and 70s the Ford Anglia 105E with its ‘reverse rake’ rear window is now a much sought after model.

It was the first time Bannatyne’s had staged a classic car event but such was the success of yesterday’s event that organiser, Daniella Rollison-Best, is convinced there will be another next year – dates to be confirmed.

The classic car scene is becoming more popular every year. Dwindling numbers of cars once considered to be ideal for ‘Mr Average’ mean they are now increasing in value and desirability.

You don’t see many of these in Tesco’s car park – a rare and expensive Lamborghini Diablo.

Daniella says she was delighted with the show and how the day went: “It was a huge success, there were some spectacular exhibits and there was plenty of entertainment in the gardens for all the family.”

A fabulous vintage Rolls Royce from the 1920s.
E-Type and Mk2 Jaguars and if you peer you can see a white Triumph Stag and the back of this photograph.
A ‘marmite’ car from the 1970s the Leyland Princess was advertised as ‘not the car for Mr Average’. There’s a lovely 1960s Mini Traveller in the background.
So many cars to enjoy: Rovers, Fords, Wolseleys, Rileys, Triumphs, MGs and Volvos to name just a few.
No motoring show would be complete without Hastings Borough Council’s very own Trolleybus, Happy Harold.

•Title picture is a Mk2 Jaguar in ‘Inspector Morse’ red.

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