Daring to be the best! A night of battling action in Battle

It was a phenomenal night of family entertainment in Battle Memorial Hall on Saturday night as the students from the Hastings based Extreme World Wrestling Academy put on a show that had the capacity audience on the edge of their seats – and even out of them!

The packed bill mixed students of the EWW academy, that trains at a gym on Hastings’ Castleham Estate twice a week, with some of the more established names on the UK Wrestling scene. And the students certainly brought their ‘A’ game and took stepping up to the big time in their stride, showing courage, passion and determination to be the very best.

From spectacular leaps from the top rope of the ring, to bone crunching clashes and agonising moves designed to wear their opponent down the night had everything any wrestling fan could wish for including a dramatic final bout that had a unique twist in the tail.

First up was Australian Joey Axl vs homegrown hero Lupo Lee


The ‘thunder from down under’ returned after a defeat from Skarlett to make an example out of one of her students, but it was no easy ride. Although Lupo is one of the smallest of competitors, he proved exactly why he is one of N-EWW’s hottest prospects and gave everything he had and almost got the biggest win in his young career.

The Australian veteran’s power was too much for the young lad especially after Axl went to work on his lower back, Axl gained the winning pin fall after an exciting back and fourth encounter. Winner: Joey Axl.

Layton Cole vs Deano Lock


Layton Cole, the head coach of SLAM Wrestling returned to the very venue where he was inches away from becoming the first N-EWW champion and looked to even the odds by going up against one of the hardest hitters to have ever come out of the Extreme Academy, Deano Lock.

Lock is known specifically for his MMA/Kickboxing background and Layton Cole is known for his ground work and technical ability so a good mix-up was in store where Lock certainly held his own, but all it took was for Deadly Nightshade to get involved in the match-up and Cole got the victory after a superplex from the top rope.Winner: Layton Cole.

Big Bully Briggs vs The Dominator


For the first time in almost two years the ‘British Beast’ returned to singles competition under the EWW banner. Briggs proved he can talk the talk but only just managed to walk the walk. After two exciting contests that displayed speed and technicality it was time for the big guns to knock lumps out of each other until one or other stayed down. Briggs proved he can hang in there with the biggest dog in the yard but after a brutal spear it was all over!Winner: Dominator.

Cyrus Shade vs Grayson Dawn


This is where it gets ugly. Cyrus certainly wasn’t coming alone as he was accompanied by Infinity, a new young hooded companion filming the violence off his phone and of course, Trevor Bekooy. The flying Grayson may have gone into this match-up full of confidence, but… After Cyrus got the win, it wasn’t over. The Unknown unleashed a brutal beating involving a kendo stick more than once to Grayson and it was nothing more than a mugging!

Having seen enough, Skarlett ran down to ringside but was stopped dead in her tracks by Mr Bekooy who then addressed the matter of how they’ve bided their time when it came to the world champion.Winner: Cyrus Shade.

EWW St Georges Championship: Voodoo vs Deadly Nightshade


When you talk about monsters, don’t forget to mention the freaks as we were in for a very ‘different’ kind of encounter for the St George’s title as two of EWW’s most bizarre characters squared off for the very first time. Deano Lock interfered to gain some revenge after Nightshade’s actions earlier in the evening but when it was all said and done, the 7ft demon prevailed and retained the St Georges Championship! Winner: Voodoo.

N-EWW Title #1 Contender’s Rumble


Although suffering a defeat earlier in the evening, Lupo Lee entered the rumble at number one to which was followed one of the biggest surprises of the evening and that was the returning ‘Prince of Punk’ Drake who entered the rumble at number two!

Deadly Nightshade and Deano Lock got in on the action, but the ring couldn’t hold either of them as they both toppled over the top rope at the same time and brawled to the back. Jeff Leopard, Ron Jovi, Pandemonium, Vicki B, Lou Steel and Taylor Essex all got in on the rumble to earn their right, but the final two happened to be the first two!

Both kicked and scrapped and clawed their way through overcoming the odds and after some back and fourth action, Lupo Lee eliminated Drake to receive a thunderous ovation from the Battle crowd and go on to meet the N-EWW champion the next time EWW returns to the Memorial Hall.

To sweeten the deal, Drake showed the ultimate sign of respect by handing over his punk jacket to Lee before leaving, allowing Lupo to celebrate with the fans.Winner: Lupo Lee.

N-EWW Championship Lenny vs AWOL


Now we had a brand-new number one contender it was time to find out who Lupo Lee would be facing for the N-EWW Title down the line.

AWOL is a former St Georges Champion and one of the earlier graduates of the Extreme Academy while Lenny is just getting started after almost two years in the business and this was his very first title defence.

This was without doubt both men’s best match to date and although I was expecting a mutual respect and sportsman like conduct between these two after some great technical wrestling and speed, the bout went into the crowd as AWOL showed more of an aggressive side. Lenny got the victory ten minutes into the match but after both gentlemen shook hands, Lenny quickly dropped AWOL to the canvas and turned on the Battle crowd. This should set up an interesting matchup between him and Lupo Lee at a future date!Winner: Lenny.

Lacey James vs Maddi Almighty


Lacey James suffered a loss to current British Women’s Champion Erin Angel at Unknown Uprising, so she was quick to get a match for the Spy Who Shoved Me and get back into the Women’s Championship rankings. Maddi Almighty proved yet again that she has a lot of heart and fire and is certainly a future star in the making but the more experienced Lacey knows every trick in the book and managed to pin Maddi’s shoulders to the mat, BUT her feet were on the ropes to her advantage and the referee didn’t see a thing! A questionable victory but the referee’s decision is final.Winner: Lacey James.

EWW World Championship: Skarlett vs Infinity

Main event time and the Unknown returned to ringside to try and grasp the championship!

This was a very different Infinity to who we saw four years ago, a man who was loved by the crowd and grew popular after each event. Still a man with no limits but all he was interested in was dominance, violence and most importantly the World Heavyweight Title.

At least three times during the bout, The Unknown tempted Skarlett to strike with a weapon in hand be it a kendo stick, a steel chair or even a barbed wire bat! But the ‘bombshell from hell’ would stick to her guns and focus on her opponent.

But this is when things took a turn for the worse, it’s one thing threatening someone with weapons but when you want to take one of Skarlett’s most precious possession well that’s another thing! After toying with the championship belt right the champion’s face, Skarlett had been pushed and pushed to a point where she struck Infinity with the belt out of anger and there was a stunned silence from all around.

As she came to her senses Skarlett quickly realised what she had done and dropped to her knees in shock! The Unknown got what they wanted…not the championship belt but to unleash the monster buried deep inside the champion that she has tried hard not to let out!

The Unknown have an advantage over Skarlett after this event but how will she refocus and retaliate as we head towards October 27th for the EWW 20 Year Anniversary event at the Sussex Coast College? Has the Unknown awoken a monster that they cannot control…?


All photos courtesy of Tony Ham


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