Don’t forget to cast BOTH your votes on Thursday

Just thee days to go until polling day, until you can elect the councillors who will represent YOU on Hastings Borough Council. And don’t forget you have TWO votes to cast at this election. Each of the 16 wards that make up the borough has two councillors and because there have been some changes to […]

Local election battlegrounds 5 – a week to go and the manifestos are out

This time next week the town’s polling stations will be open for business and local residents will be electing the 32 members who will make up the new Hastings Borough Council. There are 32 candidates standing for the Labour, Conservative and Green parties with 30 Lib Dem Candidates and one candidate from each of The […]

Local election battlegrounds 3 – the candidates are revealed

The full list of candidates for May 3’s elections to Hastings Borough Council was unveiled earlier this week. As a result of boundary changes the whole council is up for election and therefore Hastings voters will be electing two councillors in each of the town’s 16 council wards. The Conservatives, Green Party and Labour are […]

Local election battlegrounds 2 – Commercial property, to buy or not to buy

Hastings Borough Council’s (HBC) policy of buying up commercial property to generate income has turned out to be a divisive one. Somewhat surprisingly perhaps, while the concept is being championed by the ruling Labour group the Conservative group on the council thinks it’s just a bad idea, even though it currently brings HBC over £2million […]