Don’t forget to cast BOTH your votes on Thursday

Just thee days to go until polling day, until you can elect the councillors who will represent YOU on Hastings Borough Council.

And don’t forget you have TWO votes to cast at this election. Each of the 16 wards that make up the borough has two councillors and because there have been some changes to the boundaries in the borough all 32 councillors are up for election.

Hastings Borough Council HQ; Muriel Matters House.

So that means you should vote for two candidates on Thursday. They don’t have to be from the same party so you might choose to vote for a Labour candidate and a Conservative one, or for a Liberal Democrat candidate and a Green candidate, the choice is entirely yours.

The candidate who secures the highest number of votes in each ward will serve on the council for four years, while the candidate who comes second will hold their council seat for just two years and will face the electorate again in 2020.

If you are having any difficulty making up you mind who to vote for we thought we’d put all the information we have gathered over the last few weeks together in one place so here you are, sit back and enjoy, consider you options and make your choice…

  • Video interview with Labour’s Peter Chowney
  • Video interview with Conservative Rob Lee
  • Video interview with Nick Perry of the Liberal Democrats
  • Audio interview with Carling Lucas the co-leader of the Greens
  • Labour’s manifesto for the local election in Hastings
  • Conservative manifesto for the local election in Hastings

Hastings In Focus will be at the election count on Friday and will bring you the results as they happen so follow our Twitter @hastingsinfocus or look out for our posts on Facebook. We’ll try to bring you interviews with as many of the winning candidates as we can and even some of those who lose out





Conservative Manifesto


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