Town Deal Board ‘excited’ by £24.3 funding package

Updates were provided on the Hastings Town Investment Plan (HTIP) during today’s Town Deal meeting.

The plan, which was approved on June 8th, secured £24.3million in funding from the government as part of their £3.6billion Towns Fund scheme and is expected to attract a further £85million in match funding secured meaning that potentially more than £100million in funding has been secured for the town.

Though the amount secured from the government is £3.9million less than what was requested, Carol Dixon, Co-chair of the Hastings Town Deal Board, said: “£24.3million is a significant amount, and we are so excited to be able to use this.

“Although this is a huge step in the process, the hard work is just beginning. Over the next 12 months, business cases for each project will need to be developed and submitted to government for approval. It is only then that the funding will be released, and work can start.”

A re-prioritisation of projects will have to occur to meet the lower level of funding than was applied for. This must be completed within two months for submission to government confirming details.

Four so-called ‘shovel-ready’ projects have been submitted for an early approval: the restoration of the White Rock Baths, which are part of The Source Park; a new Employment, Events and Advice Hub in the ground floor of the Station Plaza college building, offering job seekers help and support, conference space and a tourism training hub for students; the increase in installation of new and fast charging electric vehicle charge points in seafront and town centre car parks and new retail, training and outdoor space at ‘Hastings Commons’ behind Claremont, adding to the development of America Ground, Rock House and Observer building area.

Further details of exactly who and what else will receive funding have not yet been revealed, however a special cabinet meeting concerning the Town Deal will be held by Hastings Borough Council this Friday.

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