‘High standard’ on display at HKA grading

Hastings Kickboxing Academy held its grading last weekend with over 80 students taking part. Both instructors were really impressed by the hard work and dedication shown by the students in preparation for their grading and the results have shown this with many grading to a very high standard. 

During lockdown HKA moved to bigger premises which has allowed it to extend its timetable offering more classes as well as opening up ‘The Spud Box’ a takeaway café offering jacket potatoes and refreshments. 

For more details on training, grading or competing with HKA please visit www.hastingskickboxing.co.uk or Contact Carl Denne on 07496299925.

Grading Results

Red Belt

  • Alexandra Lee
  • Amelia Gladas
  • Amelia-May Batkin
  • Andrew Rudniks
  • Arthur Jenkinson
  • Bernadette Buckle
  • Billy Manley-Clark
  • Binky Holdt
  • Casey Cleary
  • Christian Case
  • Corey Phillips
  • Deven Mackenzie
  • Dusty Jenkinson
  • Ethan Bouvier
  • Ethan Pavel
  • Fred Harbour
  • Gina Harbour
  • Harrison Heritage
  • Harry Morton
  • Iona Boyd
  • Jacob Bouvier
  • Jessica Philips
  • Jimmy Symes
  • Jurijs Kosnarevics
  • Kay Mucci
  • Katie Holdt
  • Kaydee Williams
  • Kion Corbett
  • Kobi Jones
  • Lacey Mucci
  • Lilly Castle
  • Lola Harding
  • Louise Ware
  • Matt Small
  • Max Pankhurst
  • Nancy Holdt
  • Olivia McKinlay
  • Poppy Saxby
  • Rhys Bouvier
  • Romans Kosnarevics
  • Stella Cooper
  • Taylor Pain
  • Thomas McKinlay
  • Tia Jones
  • Tyler Ansell
  • Yousef Kohistani
  • Zack Harding

Yellow Belt

  • Adam Flack
  • Alexandra Lee
  • Alisa Cottril
  • Anthony Fowlie
  • Ashlee Sinden
  • Ashley Frost
  • Chloe Martin
  • Emily Meppam
  • Etta Bosence
  • Harvey Innes
  • Heidi Manley-Clark
  • Isabelle Fowlie
  • Jade Brett
  • Jimmy Symes
  • Joshua Bennett
  • Kobi Jones
  • Lewis King
  • Maddie Boardman
  • Maisy Astell
  • Max Pankhurst
  • Michal Mikijanskis
  • Monty Benge
  • Naiyah Wetherell
  • Neave Vernon
  • Niamh Buckley
  • Sophie Meppem
  • Skye Morphett
  • Taygen Rumary
  • Toby Bennett
  • Tom Chetwode

Orange Belt

  • Alina Roche 
  • Bryn Williams
  • Dylan Trace
  • Georgie Barton
  • Rae Barton
  • Sam Bromley

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