Do you have any High Street tales from Hastings? Then Robin would love to hear from you

Do you have memories of the America Ground area? Local writer Robin Pridy has been commissioned to write a short story on Hastings’ America Ground as part of a larger project for Historic England and New Writing South.

As part of this, she is hoping to get in touch with those who worked, lived and spent time in the area, even up to the present day. Her work will be part of a larger effort that includes two workshops, a podcast and a documentary on the area and on high streets in general. For more information on the project, please visit New Writing South at:

Robin Pridy

Robin says: “I can’t wait to work on High Street Tales for Hastings and America Ground.

“Our high streets may need us but I think we also need them. How many times have they saved us? Whether it was sneaky sweet shop visits, late-night-vinegar-sharp chips, or those only-just-in-time presents for mum. First job, first kiss, first night out. They have been the lifeblood of communities for centuries. They have been our work, our play and our never-forgotten trip to the dentist, all jostling side by side – and I really hope to celebrate this.”

To get in touch, please ring: 07952 952818, email:, or direct message her at Twitter @robinpridy, Instagram @robbo_pridy. Website:

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