Pause and postpone – the new watchwords in the world of weddings

With no marriages taking place as we make out way through lockdown many small business people who depend on the wedding trade to make their living are suffering.

For Helen Pomery, Managing Director of St Leonards based Empirical Events, the organiser of wedding shows across the south of England, it’s about more than just the consequences for business though, it’s about the emotional impact on the lives of people who were planning their wedding for this summer: “This is not a product, it’s people’s lives,” she says.

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Weddings, Helen says, are emotional times and for a host of reasons. She knows of people who had planned their big day around a date that would allow family from far flung corners of the world to attend, while others have set dates because a friend or loved one is suffering from a terminal condition.

Helen is in a unique position to see the all aspects of the wedding business and to understand what the consequences – both emotional and financial – have been of the measures to tackle Coronavirus.

For many people she says, arranging their wedding is perhaps the only event they will ever have to arrange and it’s certainly going to be the biggest and most logistically complex they will have dealt with.

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