Big medal haul for HKA at ICO British Open in Birmingham

Ten members of the Hastings Kickboxing Academy Fight team travelled to Birmingham to take part in the ICO British Open.

It was the first time the fight team had ever taken part in an event like this and according to Chief Instructor Carl Denne the whole team put on strong performances and represented HKA extremely well. 

George French cleans up – Competing In Low-kick, Boxing and Ring continuous Kickboxing. George came away with three gold medals from the ICO British opens, all this after winning in his second bout in the Queensbury Boxing League just 12 hours earlier. 

George French had an amazing weekend amassing four wins across two tournaments.

Claudia Stone fought her first-ever bout representing HKA. She battled her way through, losing her first fight but winning her next one claiming a podium place and a bronze meal. 

Jordan Hiesley-White was straight through to the final, fighting a tough bout but had great movement and use of hands and legs, just missing out on the win – he took the silver. 

Both Mollie Matten and Roman both matched with very tough opponents who then went on to win their categories so did not place but it was incredible fighting from them both. 

Members of the HKA fight team with their trophies.

Jesse Matten lost his first fight and was due to be fighting again but the other guy pulled out with an injury. Jesse was therefore awarded third place and a bronze medal.

Jake Willard lost his first fight against a much more experienced opponent but then went to war in his second bout.

The bout split the judges so the boys had to fight an extra round to find a winner. Jake won the deciding round, taking home a silver medal and Jake was named fighter of the day by the referee as his was a display of kickboxing at its best!

Ten members of the HKA fight team went to Birmingham. It was the first time at this kind of event.

Billy Joe Fitzgerald had a tough battle against a tough lad, sadly not getting the win, earning him bronze in the kickboxing category. Billy also landed a silver medal in the boxing category. 

Drew Rogers was matched against a young lady who went on to win the category and every other group she battled in. Drew didn’t win but went the distance with an extremely talented girl who was ten times world champion and Drew was one of the only girls still standing at the final bell against one of the best girls on the planet. Drew received silver on the podium. 

The HKA fight team and its supporters.

Callum Helsdown had an amazing first bout, it was one of Callum’s best fights to date, he really showed his skills in the ring.

In the final, Callum fought a 17-year-old and 16 times world champion from a well-known gym, USKA. Callum secured himself the bronze medal in the kickboxing category.

So HKA came away from the event with three gold medals, three silver and five bronze. 

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