The power of pictures – providing Hastings with a permanent piece of public art

Hastings Voluntary Action has been supporting local residents for more than 30 years and to celebrate this and also to highlight the amazing efforts of our local community the charity wants to create a permanent ‘photo-mosaic’ artwork that will be sited in Hastings and involve as many of its local volunteers and active community as possible.

The final image and where it will be sited have yet to be decided but these photos give an idea of what the artwork could look like.

The photo-mosaic will be made up of thousands of individual photos each one with a story associated with it.  As momentum gathers HVA wants people who volunteer and help out in our various local communities to add their photo to the online gallery which will ultimately be used in the public artwork.  They want individuals to recognise the practical support they offer others and their local community and by uploading their image with a short commentary they will be a permanent part of a lively illustration of contemporary Hastings.

HVA, which held it’s Annual General Meeting, conference and volunteer awards on Friday,  provides support to set up and grow organisations, charities and groups and it offers fundraising support to those groups.

It provides information relating to volunteering and free or reduced cost training on issues affecting organisations and groups and it encourages access to Hastings Community Network – a campaigning and information network.

HVA also has accessible meeting room hire, equipment hire & virtual office services.

1568899597_1568899598502The People’s Picture is a photography and design studio led by British artist Helen Marshall. Every artwork is made up of thousands of photos yet every single one tells a story. Pictures are powerful. People connect with pictures. People share their memories, dreams and celebrate through pictures.

The Heroes of Hastings online, interactive gallery and final physical artwork will be a fantastic contemporary record of Hastings’ diverse communities, with the final image helping to promote the town as a must-visit destination.

Have you heard The Hastings Podcast yet? Click the link below…

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