Tories have taken Hastings and Rye ‘for granted’ says Perry

Rugby League is a tough sport and from the pugnacious approach he is taking to his campaigning it’s easy to understand how Liberal Democrat Nick Perry found himself playing the sport to a very high level.

The man who is making his fourth attempt to become Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye won a Cambridge Blue and a student international cap for his endeavours on the rugby pitch.

This week it is the local Conservative Party – still without a candidate to contest the Hastings and Rye constituency at an election that is just over five weeks away – who he has in his sights. They are, he says: “…taking local voters for granted”.

Speaking after his formal adoption at the Liberal Democrats’ AGM at the weekend he said: “Perhaps I should not complain that the Conservatives have so far failed to announce a candidate, but their disorganisation does suggest that local people should think very carefully about whether to support them, particularly if they have voted Conservative in the past.

“By contrast, the Liberal Democrats have had a flying start in this campaign. We have made contact with thousands of voters already. Many former Conservative supporters have told us they will be switching away from a party that is increasingly seen as extreme and unreliable.

“My own priorities for this campaign are very clear. They are to stop Brexit; tackle the climate crisis; and to secure local jobs and services.”

It is expected that the Conservatives will announce their candidate towards the end of this week or early next week. In September Amber Rudd, who has represented Hastings and Rye as a Conservative since 2010, resigned the party whip and announced she would not contest the seat again. More recently Ms Rudd announced that she would not be standing at all in the forthcoming election but says she’s “not finished with politics”.

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2 thoughts on “Tories have taken Hastings and Rye ‘for granted’ says Perry

  1. The local Tory party have never taken anything for granted….and certainly not this time around…how can Nick Perry say this? BUT – he could say that the Labour party have taken it for granted that they will rule the roost down here…and maybe they will….but there will be many who will despair at the thought of a Labour MP and a Labour council…hardly democratic…Nick Perry deserves a break as does this town…so maybe just maybe….he should be given a chance…but how many Lib Dems do we currently have sitting on our local council? Not one Lib Dem is represented on Hastings Borough Council. And it is patently clear that with the imbalance we have had for so many years on this Council anyhing the opposition puts forward is generally voted down…what do we have – 8 Tory councillors and the rest Labour….its no contest really…

  2. Just had a look at the bookies websites to see what their odds are for the Hastings & Rye constituency…. They are quoting Labour 14/5…Tory 1/3 and Lib Dems. 41/5….is it possible that the Tories will hang on to their seat down here. Is our constituency so marginal after all…who do we believe.? Getting interesting now.

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