The wooing of the Greens – parties fight for rival’s affections

Who will successfully woo Hastings Green Party members? Or will they eventually decide to go it alone in a General Election?


It’s a great time to be Green in Hastings as politicians from both Labour and the Liberal Democrats attempt to woo Green party support ahead of a General Election.

As we reported yesterday Hastings Green Party met more than two weeks ago to select a parliamentary candidate but no announcement of who that candidate is has been made public.


This evening Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate Peter Chowney will attend a meeting of the local Green party and address its members.

Hastings In Focus was told: “A meeting is due to take place, at the request of the Greens.
We would of course greatly value their support at a forthcoming general election. But it is their decision…”.

It is widely believed that if the Green Party stood aside in Hastings and Rye it would be of significant electoral benefit to Mr Chowney and Labour.

“Labour’s green policies are something we hope Green Party members can get behind,” we were told.

And local Labour say that to, “…emphasise the importance we place on green policies… this Saturday, shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner is accompanying Jeremy Corbyn on a visit to the constituency and will talk on the benefits for the environment and the economy of Labour’s Green Revolution.”

You can here Hollington Councillor Maya Evans talk about Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution in this interview

But Labour is not the only party bidding for the Green’s affections. We understand that Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate Nick Perry also wants to be given a hearing by Green Party members in the Hastings and Rye constituency.

The Lib Dems have already asked the Greens to form an electoral pact at next May’s elections to Hastings Borough Council and now we understand Mr Perry wold like the Greens to endorse him as as the ‘Remain’ candidate for Hastings and Rye when the General Election is eventually called.

Mr Perry is on record as saying that Labour cannot properly represent ‘Remainers’ a point he feels was underlined at Labour’s recent Conference in Brighton and he says Mr Chowney’s ‘deafening silence’ over Brexit has been ‘deeply disappointing’.

For the Conservatives, Councillor Rob Lee said this morning: “Hearing that the Greens are in cahoots with Labour tells us all we need to know about the Green Party locally. They have no direction, leadership or offer for the people of Hastings and Rye

“Does this now mean that the Greens are now in favour of Labour’s proposed damaging plans to the Country Park?

“The Green party has ended as a credible political force in Hastings and Rye and the voters will not forget their betrayal when it comes to the local elections next year.”

Hastings In Focus has asked the Hastings Green Party for a comment but nothing has so far been received.

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