A little inconvenience now might pay dividends in the future

When Maya Evans became Hastings Borough Council’s (HBC) cabinet member with special responsibility for climate change many thought the appointment a piece of window dressing.

Maya took up her cabinet role in May following the council’s approval of a motion declaring a ‘climate emergency’ earlier in the year.

At the time council leader Peter Chowney said climate change was THE greatest challenge facing the authority and Maya said she thought climate change was ‘petrifying’.

This week Maya has given an exclusive interview to Hastings In Focus in which she talks about a whole range of issues relating to climate change, the environment and what we can all do to make a difference.

She urges people to be, “…kind to the environment and considerate towards the planet.”

People should not be afraid of climate change and afraid of the changes they have to make to their lives according to Maya and she talks about simple things that people can do to reduce their carbon emissions. She points out that many of the things that will reduce our carbon footprint – like walking and cycling rather than using a car, or buying our food from local producers – has the added benefit or creating a healthier lifestyle for us an individuals.

She deals head-on too with the controversy surrounding council plans to put ten acres of solar panels on a site in Hastings Country Park explaining that she has talked to people from all sides of the debate. She feels though that a comment made to her by a young person best summed up the situation: “I was told that it (solar panels) was a no-brainer as unless we tackle climate change there will be no country park,” she says.

Plans by the Labour party for a ‘green’ industrial revolution are covered too and Maya explains how those proposals by could bring direct benefits for her own ward of Hollington. She explains that shadow chancellor John McDonnell has an ‘open purse’ when it comes to spending to tackle climate change.

You can here the full interview with Maya Evans by following the link below.


One thought on “A little inconvenience now might pay dividends in the future

  1. Disappointing to learn that councillor. Evans thinks there is nothing wrong with covering 10 acres of OUR country park with solar panels.
    Has she bothered to read up on the history of this PROTECTED special site? Whilst nobody would disgree that we all need to take the warning of climate change very seriously and do all we can to halt this, surely she is aware that there are many more places in this town which could accomodate these panels without the damage they would cause in the Country Park?
    So easy to just say Oh the Country Park has plenty of room fot these panels…the easy way out is not the best way out.

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