Open topped bus set to be a big draw for tourists this summer

Seeing the sites of Hastings and St Leonards just got easier thanks to a new open top bus service launched by Stagecoach earlier this month.

The open top bus will start and finish at Combe Haven Holiday Park and run between Harley Shute and Hastings Old Town. The journey will take in venues including the adventure golf and True Crime Museum. The bus will operate on Saturdays and Sundays from now until to July 21st and then will run again throughout the summer holiday, from July 24th to September 8th.

Hastings MP Amber Rudd tried out the bus herself and has given it a huge thumbs up when she toured Hastings and St Leonards  with with Hugh Loy, Stagecoach’s local operations manager. She was particularly impressed that the bus will offer unlimited travel during the day for under £5.

Matthew Loy and Amber
Amber Rudd pictured with Hugh Loy, Stagecoach local operations manager.

Ms Rudd said: “I really urge residents and tourists to go on the new open top bus ride which highlights all of the great activities in Hastings. As we are a coastal town, the bus will provide a great opportunity to look at our beautiful landmarks over the hot summer months.”

She said she was pleased to help launch the open top bus which has already received a positive response from the local community and discuss with Mr Loy how the bus will draw in extra tourism to the local area.

Ms Rudd says she is committed to encouraging tourism in Hastings and Rye and has welcomed this initiative by Stagecoach South East and is looking forward to it becoming a huge success.

One thought on “Open topped bus set to be a big draw for tourists this summer

  1. It is a really cheerful sight to see this colourful bus driving around town. Brilliant idea.. Cant wait to have a ride!

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