EU nationals living locally need to check eligibility to vote

There’s a real danger that many EU nationals currently living locally might miss out on their right to vote in the European Parliamentary elections due to be held at the end of this month.

Hastings’ Nick Perry is standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the south east, we’ve just done an interview with him that we will be bringing you at the weekend, but one big concern he has is that many EU nationals living locally and who are entitled to vote in the elections are going to miss out unless they act quickly.

“In Brighton and Hove, for example less than ten per cent of the 15,000 eligible to vote are correctly registered,” he told Hastings In Focus.

“While we are still members of the EU we are bound by their rules about democratic processes and I am sure that it would not help our negotiating position were there court actions against the government because these have not been upheld,” says Mr Perry.

EU nationals need to ensure the have completed an additional European Parliament voter registration form and the deadline to do that is May 7th (next Tuesday).

Anyone who needs to check their eligibility to vote can do so with Hastings Borough Council who oversee voter registration locally.

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