Old Hastings Labour councillor quits party ‘in despair’ over antisemitism

Old Hastings Labour Councillor Dany Louise has quit the party saying the “level of denial” by Jeremy Corbyn supporters over Labour’s antisemitism problem leaves her “in despair”.

Her shock resignation was reported in the Jewish Chronicle and her resignation comes amid claims that thousands of members are now leaving the Labour party as a result of Mr Corbyn’s failure to tackle antisemitism.

Dany Louise (extreme left) was one of nine new faces to join the ranks of Labour members on Hastings Borough Council after last May’s elections.

Ms Louise told Hastings In Focus: “I am still a councillor and am committed to continuing to work hard for all my Old Hastings constituents for the remainder of my term.”

In her resignation letter addressed to Peter Chowney – Hastings Borough Council leader and Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Hastings –  Ms Louise, who is a member of the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and of Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue, says: “The treatment of Luciana Berger MP has been disgraceful.

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From today’s Jewish Chronicle

“She was faced with a vote of no confidence in her constituency Labour Party (CLP) brought by a conspiracy theorist who thinks Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks, and allowed by a CLP Chair associated with David Icke.

“This action was met with a call for her to prove her loyalty to the Party by John McDonnell, and deafening silence by Jeremy Corbyn.

“Luciana Berger is an inspiring role-model, and a real-life contemporary hero. She should be celebrated as a person and MP of outstanding courage and integrity.

“It is unacceptable that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonell were prepared to throw her to the wolves they have encouraged into the Party.”

Ms Louise was elected a councillor for the Old Hastings ward in last May’s elections holding on to a seat that many thought might fall to the Greens.

She has a reputation for being one of the most hard-working councillors and had become increasingly frustrated by the level of antisemitism in Labour under Mr Corbyn.

In her resignation letter she says: “The level of denial by Jeremy Corbyn supporters leaves me in despair.

“Decent people hold their hands up in horror when the victims tell them they are being antisemitic.

“People and institutions who are sincere about not being racist learn to change their attitudes, behaviour and procedures for the better. They recognise that they have rightly been called out for unacceptable behaviour.”

In a tweet the JLM said: “It is awful that our member, Councillor Dany Louise, of Hastings Council and Brighton and Hove Progressive Shul has felt compelled, like many others, to resign the Labour whip and her Labour membership. When will the party and its leadership treat this as the urgent moral crisis that it is?”

Mr Chowney told Hastings In Focus: “I spoke to her about it – she told me that she had no argument or problem with the Labour group on Hastings Council and would continue to sit as an Independent councillor until the election next year. She felt unable to support the Labour Party nationally however, so has resigned from the party.

“I told her that her that I respected her views, thanked her for her time as the Labour councillor for Old Hastings, and hoped she’d be able to support us on the council over the next year.”

Hastings MP Amber Rudd said: “Labour has treated its Jewish MPs disgracefully and has allowed hostility towards Jews to fester. Now a Labour councillor in Hastings has rightfully quit the party because of its failure to tackle vile antisemitism.”

Rob Lee, who leads the Conservative group on HBC told Hastings In Focus: “Peter Chowney should be putting pressure on his party leaders to do more about Labour’s antisemitism problem.”


4 thoughts on “Old Hastings Labour councillor quits party ‘in despair’ over antisemitism

  1. Well done !!! That was a stoic action on your part to resign on the issue of anti-Semitism within this Labour Party. This is an action I have been hoping Jewish councillors and MP’s would do in response to the reportage of certain people and issues against us. I just hope more will take note of what this Councillor has done and follow suit.

    What I have found during this long debacle and has infuriated me so much was the Anti-Semitism report commissioned by Jeremy Corbyn in 2016 when I believe she was still director of Liberty. In that report she claimed there was no evidence of anti-Semitic behaviour in the Labour Party. Following that report Corbyn nominated her for a life peerage and suddenly she became a Baroness.

    I wish you well Councillor Louise – Shalom.

  2. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party, our leader Peter Chowney and his supporters heaped their praises on this man and rolled out the red carpet when he made his visits to our town….Isn’t it high time Peter Chowney declared his
    disgust at the way this man refuses to denounce or even acknowledge the anti semitic activities in the Labour party? How can the leader of Hastings council offer any further support to this man?
    Because of the failure of the leader of the Labour party to make a stand on this issue and to offer his support to the Jewish members of the community, we have lost a valuable Member in Hastings Old Town ward.

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