New poll says Hastings voters would back remain in second referendum

Voters in Amber Rudd’s Hastings and Rye constituency are changing their mind when it comes to Brexit.

At the EU referendum in June 2016 Hastings and Rye voted 56.2 per cent to leave with 43.8 per cent voting to remain. However, polling carried out by the ‘Best for Britain’ pro-EU campaign group indicates that opinion has shifted significantly with more than half of local voters now wanting Britain to remain in the European Union.  

Brexit polling
How opinion has shifted in the last two and a half years.

Latest polling suggests that 50.5 per cent of people in Hastings and Rye now want to remain with the proportion now backing leave having fallen to 49.5 per cent.

According to Best for Britain 422 of the UK’s 632 parliamentary constituencies no longer back the country leaving the EU which it is currently scheduled to do on March 29th next year.

In addition Best for Britain says its polling shows that in every constituency in the UK the majority of people back a second referendum.

Ms Rudd said recently she did not rule out a second referendum on Brexit, saying: “If there was another referendum, I think we’re better off in.” But she warned that the country could become more divided as a result, and insisted she would “much rather do the withdrawal agreement and deliver on the outcome.”

David Lammy MP says of the new polling: “This shows that huge swathes of the country have changed their minds on Brexit. Whether they voted leave or remain in 2016, every single constituency now supports giving the public a final say on May’s deal.

“If we do not give the public the opportunity to voice their changed opinion on the most important decision of our lifetime, we stop being a democracy.”

Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve said: “There is now overwhelming evidence that the will of the people is changing. Every single constituency supports having a final say, and the country now clearly wants to keep our current deal with the EU.

“I can’t look my constituents in the eye and honestly tell them they’ll be better off if Brexit goes ahead. They know that not to be true, and so do I. Brexit is the biggest political decision for a generation so it’s only right that the people have the final say.”

Polling was carried out between October 24th and November 6th and pollsters interviewed 8,154 people across the country. Te findings of the Best For Britain poll appear to be supported by polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice who said recently that remain would be ahead if a fresh referendum on Britain’s EU membership was held now after tracking the various polling organisations and putting the data in to a poll of polls.

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