Scene around… Celebrating great photographers

There are some great photographers in Hastings and it’s great to be able to share some of their work. Here’s a selection of shots from the last week courtesy of Sid Saunders, Kevin Burchett, Alan Roberts and Dan Hicks.

Aviation has played a big part in the story of the last seven days, this is one of our favourite photographs, by Dan Hicks


Meanwhile Kevin Burchett caught this one from the pier, what incredible clarity – the subject must have been several miles up…


Alan Roberts snatched these shots of last weekend’s flypast of the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane…

It’s great to see traditional seaside entertainment playing it’s part in a traditional seaside town, Kevin caught these shots of the popular Punch and Judy show in the town centre last weekend.

Above and below the waterline… This seagull looks perfectly happy perched on the ironwork of Hastings Pier while just below the surface of the water lurk these Jellyfish making life difficult – and a little stingy – for our open water swimmers this summer.

There’s always an interesting cloud formation in the skies above Hastings and St Leonards

Alan Roberts caught this great shot of life on the east Hill last Sunday… The grass is looking pretty scorched.


Now for two studies of Marine Court by Kevin…


From out at sea you appreciate the sheer size of the structure. Developers had originally planned something even bigger but could not overcome local objections…


And by night… an impressive and unmistakable feature of the local landscape.

Work in progress on the repairs to the harbour arm…

37759106_10214342383646160_7939325554363203584_oAnd ‘Queen Bee’, Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin was on the pier this week, here meeting Sarah Lawlor.


If you have pictures of great scenery, special events, or just of life in and around Hastings and St Leonards we’d love to share them with the 17,000 people now visiting Hastings In Focus every week. Please email us at



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