Hard work and dedication pays off for HKA students

Hastings Kickboxing held its biggest ever grading last weekend, with what Chief Instructor Carl Denne says were some impressive improvements from his students.

“The hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed and the results from the grading have shown this. As our ‘tots’ start to get older and stronger, they move up a group into the cadets, and grade which was lovely to see,” says Carl

Hastings Kickboxing Academy students who successfully completed their latest gradings last weekend.

Those who graded successfully are…

Rory Juniper
Jake Burguess
Cayden May
Isobel Blatchley
Sefton Blatchley
Gus Banks
Roman Nadiri
Jordan Hiesley White
Poppy Keogh Wilsdon
Sonny Laurens
Steve Willis
Khira Pells
Rhys Tenue
Jenson Kent
Jake Deangelies
Kayleigh Jenner

Abigail Jordan
Teddy Reed
Sky Pepper
Rosie Reed
Sanjay Ravian
Joe McSweeney
Diarco Shekha
Aaliayh Michael
Grace Swaine
Dave Gould
Jordan Hiesley White
Dan Penn
Josh Frazer
Amy Willis

Sophie North
Mason Oxley
Heidi Martin
Amanda Martin
Ronnie Brooks
Mollie Podmore
Christina Helsdown
Charlie Drury

Jim McSweeney
Duncan Mclean
Mollee Matten
Aimee Brooks

Jake Willard
Tayla Ranson

Chief Instructor Carl Denne who has recently passed his own grading for his 3rd Dan black belt says: “Martial arts is growing and kickboxing is a strong part of that and I’m so thankful to have so many positive, Strong, friendly, skilled, like minded people around me”

For more details on grading, competition or training with HKA please visit the website at www.hastingskickboxing.co.uk or Contact Carl on 07949 221946.

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