What a beautiful town we live in…

We’ve collected some great shots of Hastings and we’re particularly proud of the photo from the beach that we use as our main identity shot.

We posted three new photos to our instagram account (just search for Hastings In Focus) this morning and we thought we’d reproduce them here too, as well as a few others that just demonstrate what a beautiful town we live in.

If you’d like to share your favourite photographs of Hastings with us you can post them to our Hastings In Focus Facebook group; Tweet them to @hastingsinfocus or email them to tellmeyourstory@hastingsinfocus.co.uk and we will share them with our growing band of readers.

So here are this morning’s photographs…

Is Spring finally arriving? Yes we think it is.
Buckshole Reservoir…
Buckshole Reservoir 2

And here are a few others, just because we like them…

A shot by Hastings Borough Council showing off Bottle Alley to great effect.
What would Hastings be without it’s beach launched fishing fleet… the biggest beach launched fishing fleet in Europe!
The old town… The heart of Hastings.
With its network of small streets and ‘twittens’ the old town is beloved by tourists as somewhere to explore.
IMG_0198 2
A view along the seafront from the pier with Marine Court in the distance.
And the town’s award winning pier…
The town’s award winning pier 2…

Remember we’d love to share your favourite views of the town as a reminder you can post them to our Hastings In Focus Facebook group; Tweet them to @hastingsinfocus or email them to tellmeyourstory@hastingsinfocus.co.uk


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