Saturday night will be alright for fighting – Victory boxing contenders prepare for the ultimate test!

For 26 local men and women the tension is really building now – in just four days time they will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

For one night only the 26 will be transformed from lorry drivers, engineers, shop keepers and builders into fighters as they step out in front of almost 800 screaming fight fans in Sussex Coast College, to take part in what its organisers say is the ‘biggest and best’ boxing show in Hastings.

Victory White Collar Boxing was launched in 2014 by six time world kickboxing champion Ed Lofts. It provides an opportunity for people who have never fought before to train to become boxers then take part in a fully competitive bout. There is an intensive ten week training programme before the big night and Ed is proud of the quality of the show that he puts on.

It’s war out there… From Victory 5 Richard Warren connects with a big right on Rory Quigley.

He’s proud too of the family atmosphere his shows create and the fighters are encouraged to bring family and friends along to support them.

For Ed though it’s about more than just staging a boxing show, he says that fighting is not about, “being a neanderthal” he says there is much more to it, it’s about building character and taking responsibility for yourself, for your own training and for your performance on the night.

“It’s about the way you deal with yourself after a loss, about taking responsibility for the times you didn’t turn up at training or ate a Mars bar when you knew you shouldn’t,” he says, Victory Boxing doesn’t just develop an individual physically it develops them mentally too as they prepare to face such a huge challenge – possibly the biggest challenge of their lives.

Ed Lofts works with a trusted team of coaches and helpers. The referee for Victory events so-far has been world renowned MMA fighter and boxer Michael ‘Venom’ Page.

Ed is supported by a team of dedicated and experienced coaches who all have a competitive fighting background and who can and do offer the contenders the very best advice.

Speaking to previous contenders they say Victory Boxing is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one, overcoming the nerves to walk out in front of a cheering crowd then the intensity of the one-to-one competition. But win or lose Victory contenders are a tenacious bunch and many go back for a second, or even third, time.

Saturday night’s event consists of 16 bouts, including two three-way challenges. In each of these competitions a group of three boxers will compete in a round-robin type competition and each man will have two fights during the course of the night, each fight lasting for two two-minute rounds rather than the usual three two-minute rounds

Hussain Gh, Arron Evans and Luke Cross promise three classic bouts of great boxing.

One of the highlights of Saturday’s show will be a return match between Arron Evans and Hussain Gh. They fought each other at the last Victory show in November and although Hussain came out winner on that night the contest was judged by everyone who watched it to have been the closest of the night and on the day night, after watching the fight  Ed said he didn’t know which way the judges would call it.

On Saturday Arron is out to even the scorecard and for many Victory devotees it will be the fight of the night but just to add some additional spice this confrontation is one of the three way challenges and the man hoping to upset things is Luke Cross who has won fights at each of the last two Victory Boxing events.

If you want to come along and see what Victory is all about there are still tickets available just call Chris on 07840 279479.

Is anyone you know taking part? Here are all the fighters who will slug it out on Saturday night…

The red team’s Danny Bell faces the blue team’s Elton Johns.
Carl Cornwall is in the red corner and Victory veteran Andrew Turner in the blue.
Alex Dooley is fighting for the reds and Peter Rosling for the blues.
The second of the three-way challenges involves Kevin Duffield, Terry Giles and Rory Quigley.
The red team’s Peter Harper will be hoping to triumph over the blue’s Sam Broad.
The battle of the oldies… Barry Hodd for red takes on Kevin Miller for the blues. Both men are closer to 60 than to 50!
The only woman’s fight of the night sees Hannah Johnson for the reds take on the blue team’s Michaela Hillbilly.
Andy O’Leary in the red team will fight Jamie Bell in the blue team.
The Blue team’s Josh Carley and the red team’s Padidar.
Gavin Duplock in the blue team faces off against ????? Spice in the red team.
Ben Williams in the red team is fighting Tony Secord in the blue team.

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