HKA fighters score big wins at Cyclone Fight Night

Hastings Kickboxing Academy travelled to Greys in Essex for Cyclone Fight night at the weekend.

Callum Helsdown jumped back in the ring in his second ever full contact bout. A slow and shaky start as he struggled to find his range against a taller, older, heavier man – the fighter was changed at the last minute – although this didn’t bother Callum it just meant he had a bigger hill to climb.

In round two Callum found his feet and started to kick his opponent back and slow him down and that allowed Callum to settle and start controlling the fight. With one round to each fighter all was still to play for. Both lads battled hard, Callum’s strength and skill started to shine through. It was a great, very close fight but Callum showed he was the better Kickboxer and went on for his second full contact win. 

Callum Hellsdown celebrates his win.

Next up George French – after a few bouts that haven’t gone our way. But it looks like we have found the old George again. A great fight against a very strong and determined Irish lad, Adam Keane, round one was very close and anyone’s for the taking. As round two got underway George settled down to take control with some strong and on point kicks that would slow the strongest of men down. In round three it was another very close round as both lads really wanting the win. George took a few big hits but took them like the champ he is and gritted his teeth and carried on to finish the round in control and notch up HKA’s second fight and second win of the evening.

Back to winning ways HKA’s George French.

HKA’s chief instructor Carl Denne said: “George is a very skilled up and coming fighter, after an impressive win streak early on, he stepped up massively.

“Thank you everyone who came up to support and brought the noise I know the team appreciate it. 

“On a personal note I am very proud of the team, we always take fights even if the odds are stacked against us… there’s no shame in losing against a stronger fighter, for now we’ll take the wins and get back to the gym tomorrow ready to carry on the hard work.”

For more detail on Hastings Kickboxing Academy and training with the team, Book your free trail class at or contact Carl Denne on 07949221946

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