More success for HKA as fighters head to Kent

Hastings Kickboxing traveled to Lordswood in Kent last weekend for a light contact event.

First up was Charlie Drury in his first ever Kickboxing fight. Charlie was excited but nervous for his first bout matched against a taller lad. It was an evenly matched fight and both young men tried their hardest to take control of the centre of the ring, Charlie found his range quicker and throughout the fight started to take control of the bout and finished up with his first points victory.

HKA fighters are ready to go!

Next up was Billyjoe Fitzgerald, a triumphant and short-lived bout. Both fighters started strong, but Billyjoe has been working hard in the gym on his set-ups, managing to take control very early on, setting up his opponent and finishing with a great round house kick to the body, stopping his man in his tracks in 34 seconds of the first round.

Jordan Haisley White, taking part in his second bout had a tough match against a strong opponent. Both worked hard and went toe-to-toe for all three rounds, Jordan has trained so hard the last few months and it really showed. He was slightly stronger and faster and kept control of his opponent, keeping him at bay and on in his back foot. Jordan came away with another strong win for HKA.

Ollie Lockwood, has been training hard and had put many hours into his kickboxing. Only ten months ago Ollie struggled to kick above waist height, but at this event, he used some great head kicks and combinations. It was a close and well contested bout, Ollie just missing out on the win on a points decision.

At 13 Jake Willard has won his last four fights. He was challenged here though by the extremely talented Dan Herne who is well known on the circuit having fought in more than 15 fights both light and full contact. While we knew this was going to be challenge at HKA we like a challenge and we like to be the best you can be to take these tests. Jake didn’t win, but at the final bell he was still standing in front of Daniel and letting him know that he was there for a battle and that he wasn’t going to make it easy for him. A very emotional Jake jumped out he ring, knowing he could hold his head high.

HKA chief instructor Carl Denne said after the event: “As always I’m very proud of the team and how they conduct themselves in and out of the ring. Their teamwork is great to watch, they help each other warm up and offer support as a family should. I’d like to thank everyone who came along to support the guys on the day. The team listened and did what was asked of them as they continue their development as young keen fighters.”

For more information about HKA and for information on training times visit or contact Carl on 07949221946.

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