Giving a kickstart to young people’s job prospects

Last Friday, local MPs Sally-Ann Hart (Hastings and Rye) and Huw Merriman (Bexhill and Battle), visited the Youth Hub at East Sussex Coast College campus in Hastings, to see first-hand the work and support to help young people into employment.

The Hastings Youth Hub, which is one of two in the area with a second in Rye, is particularly focused on the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. This offers jobs to young people aged 16-24 helping them to get work and vital training from local employers. The work placements last for six months, providing 25 hours of Government funded wages.

Following the visit, Mrs Hart said: “This is such a worthwhile scheme both for employers and young people, with hundreds of young people starting a Kickstart job everyday across the country. With restrictions lifting and the success of the vaccine programme more businesses will be able to be part of our local effort to build back better and offer life changing opportunities to our local young people to help them – and our businesses – succeed.”

Mrs Hart says the response from local employers to take part in Kickstart has been positive, but this is now being ‘turbo-charged’ with the Youth Hub now asking more employers and businesses to come forward to join the scheme and provide more opportunities for young people in the Hastings and 1066 area: “It’s simple for businesses to take part in this scheme and get the necessary support, just by applying through approved gateways such as FSB and Chamber of Commerce.”

Huw Merriman welcomed the work of Youth hub, and following the visit said: “The Kickstart Scheme is an ideal opportunity for local businesses and organisations of all sizes to take on promising young people under a government-funded training scheme. The Kickstart scheme has developed since it started up last year and has become more accessible. Now is a good time for employers to consider whether they could benefit from offering a supported placement and take on a talented young person who is looking for the chance to start their career with them.”

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