Inspired by the shape of mussel shells – planner back new seafront installation

A planning application for an art installation along the Marina on the St Leonards seafront was approved unanimously by Hastings Borough Council’s planning committee following a meeting held yesterday.

A sketch of the proposed sculpture that was shown to councillors at last night’s meeting.

The installation will be a sculpture by local Hastings-based artist Leigh Dyer and it will fashioned out of galvanised stainless steel, with its design inspired from the shape of mussel shells.

The sculpture will be installed on a 1.5 ton foundation consisting of a sea bed sandstone block and a galvanised steel box structure filled with pebbles.

Objections were filed by residents and concerns raised by councillors over the longterm maintenance of the sculpture and the likelihood of it rusting on account of its proximity to the sea. Councillors were told, however, the structure would take approximately 93 years to begin rusting due to the galvanisation of the steel. The sculpture is also designed to be maintenance-free and to withstand weathering from the elements.

Concerns were also raised over the sculpture potentially reflecting sunlight onto roads and blinding drivers. These concerns were also dismissed on account of the reflective side of the sculpture facing towards the sea.

The sculpture will be bolted into the ground to prevent vandalism and theft and can be removed and reinstalled as and when maintenance is needed.

The area of the seafront where the statue will be installed.

The sculpture is commissioned and funded by the Foreshore Trust – of which Hastings Borough Council is the sole trustee – and will incorporate work by children and young people in projects of local schools and colleges in the borough.

Councillor Ali Roark commended the artist for taking on criticism regarding the previous design which made of use concrete for the foundation and his amendment to change it to a pebble-based one more in-keeping with the area. 

Information as to the costs of the sculpture were not provided during the meeting.

Approval of the proposal was moved by Councillor Matthew Beaver and seconded by Councillor Ruby Cox and was passed unanimously.

Main photograph shows one of the artist’s previous works.

One thought on “Inspired by the shape of mussel shells – planner back new seafront installation

  1. I love the precise period of 93 years mentioned before it rusts! They can say what they like I suppose – none of us will be here to check!! In regard to the sculpture itself, if it is of the same quality and as quirky as the others in town then I welcome it. My only real concern would be people being drawn to it from the promenade and being mowed over by those using the cycle lane….

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