Two years jail time for Hastings’ drug dealer

A man who was seen by police officers carrying out multiple drug deals in Hastings has been jailed.

Officers in plain clothes were on patrol in the town on Thursday March 18th when they saw two people behaving suspiciously near Falaise Gardens.

The two people were seen to meet a third person and move into some bushes, where a drugs deal was suspected to have taken place.

Officers identified one of the two people as 21-year-old Connor Mackay. Mackay and the boy he was with then headed into the town centre, where they were observed meeting several other people and exchanging items, including in Wellington Square and Castle Hill Passage.

Mackay then headed to Robertson Street and out onto the promenade near Hastings Pier where he was detained by uniformed officers for a drugs search. He was found in possession of 30 wraps of crack cocaine, and 24 wraps of heroin.

His mobile phone was seized and after examination was found to contain numerous messages offering to supply both heroin and crack cocaine.

Mackay, unemployed, of Eversfield Place, St Leonards, was arrested and charged with being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug (cocaine) and being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug (heroin).

He pleaded guilty when he appeared in court on April 16th, and at Lewes Crown Court on Friday was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for each offence, to run concurrently. 

2 thoughts on “Two years jail time for Hastings’ drug dealer

  1. The court should consider describing drug dealers as self-employed, then prosecute for tax evasion. Probably get more jail time!

  2. While I agree with the comment here. My issue is the length of the sentence. He will probably do half that – being 12 months. Hardly a deterrent to him and others on peddling drugs is it.
    With this kind of lenient sentence there will no shortage of others to wheel and deal drugs.

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