Would like a say in how the Foreshore Trust spends its money?

Hastings Borough Council (HBC) is looking for volunteers to sit on its grants advisory panel.

The panel gives advice to the Hastings and St Leonards Foreshore Trust – of which the Council is the Trustee – on how surplus income from the Foreshore Trust should be distributed.

Councillor Trevor Webb chairs the committee and says: “As a charity, the Foreshore Trust wants to help the local community, and giving grants to local groups is one way we can do this.

“We are looking for more volunteers to join our existing panel. This panel meets around four times a year, and other meetings may be called as and when necessary. We are particularly looking for people with a knowledge of the local voluntary and charitable sector.”

Anyone interested should contact HBC’s chief legal officer Mary Kilner via email: mary.kilner@hastings.gov.uk

Find out more about the Foreshore Trust, follow the link below.

2 thoughts on “Would like a say in how the Foreshore Trust spends its money?

  1. The problem I have here is this “charitable trust” is far too influenced by the council and even more so by the Labour Party.
    Being on a advisory panel with this set up makes me think it is hardly going to be independent and uninfluenced by those in the shadows.
    The line between it being a charity and not influenced by politics is from my perspective a very thin one.

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