Short but sweet planners give the nod to old town changes

Hastings Borough Council’s (HBC) Planning Committee met on Wednesday… it was a short meeting, a third of it was spent confirming who was present, who if any should declare a conflict of interest and agreeing to the minutes of the previous meeting!

All councillors were present, they all agreed to the minutes of the previous meeting and the only conflict of interest was that Hastings Mayor, Councillor James Bacon had exchanged emails with those behind the first application discussed in the meeting.

That was related to the changing of outside decorations that had previously been agreed at the former doctors’ surgery at Roebuck House in the Old Town High Street, which is being converted into nine flats.

Changes concerned alterations following objections from local residents regarding the colour scheme of outer walls being too dark and this has now been changed from ‘Plummett Grey’ to the lighter ‘Strong White’.

Other changes have also been included; these relate to materials and finishes, the darker repainting of timber windows, the replacement of tile hanging with render to bays, the installation of gates, and minor internal layout changes such as the repositioning of a doorway, the placement of a vent and a staircase, and the swapping between shower and kitchen rooms of two flats.

Councillor Matthew Beaver observed: β€œIt is pleasant to see that with concerns raised by residents, the developers have actually listened to that and changed the plans to suit the residents objections and overcome them,” he then moved approval of the recommendation.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour.

Councillors in session

The only other item of the night related to the erection of a single story outbuilding to be used as a home office separate from the residence at Dingle’s Cottage, Jenners Lane just off Rye Road. The site is located on the outskirts of Hastings has received no objection and was only discussed by the planning committee on account of the application being made on behalf of an applicant who fills a politically restrictive post.

No councillors had any questions and Chair Councillor Alan Roberts took to accepting the proposal and granting planning permission. This was seconded by Councillor Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood, all councillors voting in favour and as such planning permission was granted and the meeting came to a close.

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