Call for county council to reconsider decision on Alma Terrace junction

Silverhill’s newly elected borough councillor Lucian Fernando has taken exception to a decision by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) not to install what he considers to be ‘vital’ safety improvements at Alma Terrance.

Alma Terrace feeds on to the A21, with low visibility making turns onto the main road potentially dangerous. After expressing his concerns to officers at ESCC, Councillor Fernando was told that the suggested improvements – a visibility mirror opposite the junction – was unnecessary because of the lack of a history of collisions at the intersection

Councillor Fernando said: “My constituents are gravely concerned about the safety situation on Alma Terrance. The limited visibility at this intersection is an accident waiting to happen; I’m saddened that ESCC officers do not share this view.

“We should not wait until someone is hurt or, God forbid, killed before we take action at such a precarious patch of road. I urge ESCC officers to reconsider their decision and to install a safety mirror on Alma Terrance”

One thought on “Call for county council to reconsider decision on Alma Terrace junction

  1. The main problem here is the lack of consideration. We recently had the double yellow lines repainted, but still people park on them causing a major hazard particularly for those turning left from sedlescombe road with NO visibility for oncoming traffic. The main culprits are those “using/working” for the takeaway and visitors to the church with no regard for their actions. A more active and consistent approach from the parking attendants would be a good start as there is very very little visibility on that score.

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