New Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected for Hastings and St Leonards

Old Hastings’ Councillor James Bacon was elected Mayor of Hastings and St Leonards tonight (May 19th) in a unanimous vote by members of Hastings Borough Council (HBC) at the Annual Council meeting.

Newly elected Mayor, Councillor James Bacon, alongside outgoing Mayor Councillor Nigel Sinden

Mr Bacon replaced the outgoing Mayor Nigel Sinden, under whom he had served as Deputy Mayor for the previous three years.

Newly elected Deputy Mayor,
Councillor Ruby Cox

Replacing Mr Bacon as Deputy Mayor is Councillor Ruby Cox. Ms Cox attracted almost unanimous support from her fellow councillors, however, with newly elected Labour councillor for the Castle ward Claire Carr abstaining in the vote, this prevented Ms Cox from receiving universal support.

5 thoughts on “New Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected for Hastings and St Leonards

  1. Ruby Cox posted a guide on how to fill out the gender recognition act, to prevent further equal rights for lgbt+ persons. Any sensible LGBT+ person would not vote for someone who does not want to grant equal rights to them.

      1. Hi there Chris,
        I have the screenshot, unfortunately you cannot post them on here. It is also with the local party and labour south east regional offices and labour complaints where Cox has received over 18 complaints over posting anti-lgbt group posts. I contacted the local party over this weeks ago and received no reply from Kim Forward, who I considered a friend and who I thought was an lgbt champion and All the councillors know about Cox’s views on lgbt rights, yet they still chose her for deputy. No surprise, Maya knew about this and still campaigned for anti-lgbt activists running for council, Paul Barnett is still there, who presided over the local party as chair during a time when lgbt members were being harassed by bigots in the party, Paul received over a dozen complaints and did NOTHING about it, in fact it felt that he protected the bigots and possibly helped them into officer positions and liked their transphobic posts on Facebook,, and Chowney, who proudly smiles in photographs next to anti-lgbt activists wearing transphobic t-shirts from a campaign to prevent further lgbt rights, I also have this screenshot. Former councillor Tania Charman, who attended and possibly helped to arrange, an anti-lgbt rally in her constituency, I have the screenshot of this too.
        Hastings Pride will be very interesting if they choose to attend.
        If Hastings in Focus would like these screenshots, they have my email address.

  2. Tariq. Thanks for your response. I note that the matters remain allegations and hope that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and resolved. Chris

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