They’re still standing! Another delay in demolishing unsafe Battle Road arches!

As we reported last week, demolition of the derelict Battle Road arches was due to have started yesterday but so far there is no sign of any workmen on site.

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council (HBC) confirmed there has been a further delay in getting the work underway. Hastings In Focus has been told this morning: “…the delay has been caused by logistical issues in handing the site over to our demolition contractor. We do not have a date for the works to start but are keen that it does so as soon as possible – we believe it will only be for few days.”

We’ll keep you posted!

Demolition work on the derelict arches along Battle Road will start on Monday.

It was in May last year that Hastings Borough Council HBC) successfully took the owners of 2-12 Battle Road to court over the dangerous condition of the structure. The council obtained a court order, under Section 77 of the Building Act 1984, requiring the owners to remove the danger posed by the structure either by repairing or demolishing it and that must be done within 16 weeks.

However the 16 weeks passed and nothing happened. Then in March this year, at the same time as the council announced plans for road closures to allow the erection of concrete blocks that would protect people and vehicles while demolition works was carried out, it was announced that the council was having to foot the bill for the demolition – so far HBC has not said how much the works will cost.

The concrete structure has been erected to provide protection for people and vehicles while the demolition work is underway.

According to the land registry the owners of the property are Elsie Goldsmith, Vaughan Wheatley and Simon Leeves all with addresses in St Leonards.

On Tuesday the council published a notice saying: “In accordance with the  Section 77 Building Act 1984 Order issued by Brighton Magistrates Court on May 18th 2020,  Hastings Borough Council have appointed a demolition contractor to demolish and remove 2-12 Battle Road, Hastings along with the steps and roof terrace giving access to the rear of properties on Silverlands Road, Hastings. 

“The demolition will commence Monday May 17th 2021.”

3 thoughts on “They’re still standing! Another delay in demolishing unsafe Battle Road arches!

  1. The question remains – is HBC going after these owners for the cost of this demolition work?
    What I have never understood with this council is how they let this drag out for years. The condition of these structures have been in an awful state for years. And where was this crack team “Grotbusters” who are supposed to deal with such issues

  2. why is it if you owe the council council tax they on your back wanting what you owe them but these people who own the arches get away with not having to pay anything .
    why ? come on Hastings council get tough with these people

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