Democracy Under Occupation – free Zoom meeting will discuss Palestinian elections

The Hastings & Rye Palestine Solidarity Campaign [HRPSC] is to host a free Zoom meeting about the upcoming Palestinian elections on Wednesday April 21st at 7pm titled Palestine: Democracy Under Occupation?

It is the first time Palestinians have been invited to the polls in 15 years – a stark contrast with Israel, where a political impasse has resulted in four elections in less than two years.

Three prominent Palestinian academics will join the group to discuss and analyse the meaning and possible outcome of these elections: Dr Ramzy Baroud, Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab and Dr Samah Sabawi.

HRPSC Chair Katy Colley said: “We are honoured to have these three eminent speakers joining our panel to set the historical context and understand the significance of these elections. To many of us on the outside, it’s difficult to get a handle on Palestinian politics and to understand how the occupation – now in its fifth decade – affects the political landscape. Who are the main players? What are the issues of the day? And what are the likely results of the elections?

“Our speakers will bring their unique insight and expert analysis to bear at a critical time when it appears that the status quo may be shifting.”

Dr Ramzy Baroud is the author of several books on Palestine, he edits the Palestine Chronicle and is a regular columnist for news outlets like Middle East Eye, Middle East Monitor and Al Jazeera.

Dr Nadia Naser-Najjab is a Lecturer in Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter. In her work she has analysed how political solutions have cemented power imbalances by continually ignoring the settler colonialist process.

Dr Samah Sabawi is a Palestinian playwright, poet and political commentator. Originally from Gaza, she wages ‘beautiful resistance’ through her art and work. A recipient of multiple awards both nationally and internationally, she is host of the monthly webinar/podcast series The Book Room.

Hosted by HRPSC Chair Katy Colley, the online meeting is free to join, open to all and registration is essential. Please register here:

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