Battle Road to be closed for six days in preparation for demolition works

It looks like work might soon be about to start on the demolition of the eyesore derelict buildings at the top of Battle Road.

A letter has gone out from East Sussex Highways this morning explaining that Battle Road will be closed from March 15th for six days to allow the installation of, ‘concrete protection blocks’ that will protect pedestrians and road users while demolition takes place.

“Once the blocks have been installed, there will be a lane closure for the foreseeable future until the structures have been removed safely. Temporary traffic lights will be in place to regulate the flow of traffic and the junction with Duke Road will remain closed,” the letter explains.

Steps from Battle Road up to the rear of the properties on Silverlands Road will be closed permanently.

It was in May last year that the owners of the dangerous building were given 16 weeks to repair or demolish it. The council obtained a court order, under Section 77 of the Building Act 1984, requiring the owners to remove the danger posed by the structure either by repairing or demolishing it. But the 16 weeks passed and nothing happened.

Councillor Kim Forward, leader of the council and lead councillor for planning and enforcement said at the time: β€œIt is disappointing that the owners of this structure have let it fall into this state. It is even more disappointing that despite us having contacted them about this they have failed to do anything to address its condition.”

According to the land registry the owners of the property are Elsie Goldsmith, Vaughan Wheatley and Simon Leeves all with addresses in St Leonards.

During the initial stages of the work a diversion will be in place using Ashbrook Road and the A21.

We’ve asked Hastings Borough Council to confirm whether or not the bill for carrying out the works will have to be met by the council and if that is the case how much are they having to spend and can they take action against the owners to recover their costs. We are waiting for a response.

One thought on “Battle Road to be closed for six days in preparation for demolition works

  1. This is another case similar to the dilapidated Alma Terrace house mentioned in the Sunday column.
    Here again a property that has been falling apart for years yet it has taken an incredible amount of time by HBC to take action on it. And they have only acted now because someone could come to harm. And of course HBC don’t want to face a claim for neglecting to act.

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