Progress is being made – over 70s are the next priority

Information about how the vaccination rollout is progressing in Hastings and St Leonards is coming thick and fast this week.

This morning we spoke to Dr Craig Namvar on behalf of the Hastings Primary Care Network and he had this to say: “The collaborating GP practices of Hastings and St Leonards have vaccinated 7,476 patients at the Hastings Centre and in the community, including patients from all nursing and disability homes.

“This total is made up primarily of over 75 year olds and healthcare workers. Our focus is now the over 70s, in line with government priorities.

“Our mobile teams are now contacting housebound residents to arrange a visit, based on information provided by their GP practices.

The Hastings Centre where the vaccination programme is in full swing.

“We have invited many patients for their vaccines using text messages and phone calls and will continue to do so. If you have received a text message from ‘NHSNoReply’ offering you an appointment, you can book it immediately at the Hastings Centre using your smartphone.

“Many patients have received NHS letters inviting them to call 119 to book appointments at other centres. We want to reassure patients that text invitations and these letters are both legitimate ways to book vaccinations. We will never ask you for bank details.

“If you are over 70 and are able to get to the Hastings Centre, but have not yet been given an appointment, you can now book it yourself. If you received a text message, you can follow the link and book instantly, if you have declined your text invite and have changed your mind, or if you have not received a message, you should book by phone now.

“But, if you are under 70, please do not call yet; we are only able to offer appointments to the top priority cohorts at the moment and you will not be given an appointment.”

Dr Namvar says that if you are over 70 and registered at one of the following surgeries, you should call call them between 9.30am and 6pm and request a vaccine appointment using the following numbers:

  • The Station Practice 01424 464756
  • High Glades Medical Centre 07871 257680
  • South Saxon Surgery 07766 432403
  • Warrior Square Surgery 07879 716784
  • Churchwood Medical Practice 07867 550965
  • Hastings Old Town Surgery 07867 504259
  • Priory Road Surgery 07401 290130
  • If you are registered at another surgery in Hastings, please call the booking line 07447 439135 between 10am and 4pm to make your appointment.

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