Hollington builds its very own Christmas wonderland

At a time when we all need to hear a good news story or two we bring you the amazing tale of the community in Hollington who’ve created their own Christmas Wonderland for local families to enjoy writes Fiona Allman–Treen.

What started out as a few dumped artificial Christmas trees recovered by volunteers from the recent Clean Up St Leonards campaign, were then dressed and displayed on communal land to brighten the day for local residents.

The positivity and community spirit then evolved, as more people donated their old unused artificial trees from lofts and garages, decorating as they went. Three trees are understood to have been donated by Tesco Extra in Churchwood Drive and now there’s a little forest of donated, decorated trees – that would otherwise have ended up in landfill – to brighten the view for those nearby.

It’s a much needed boost for the many elderly and isolated local people in the area.

This is real community. This is the real Hastings spirit at its finest – right down to the fact that all those taking part or visiting the display are abiding by social distancing regulations and wearing masks at all times.

Do you have other examples of such fine community spirit? Tell us in the comment section below.

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