Keeping in touch – councillors plan for ‘virtual surgery’

Residents in St Helens ward will be able to take their issues directly to their councillors in a unique ‘virtual surgery’ being staged towards the end of the month.

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to hamper face-to-face meeting St Helens’ councillors Antonia Berelson and Andy Batsford are launching the first Hastings virtual ward surgery to ensure that residents can make contact with them.

Andy Batsford says: “Covid has proved to be a real challenge to us all and especially those elderly residents who live in St Helens, many have been shielding or have kept their contact very limited to ensure they keep themselves safe. We want to make sure that they have an opportunity to raise any questions or concerns with their councillors in this new online format.”

Since March the St Helens ward duo have been able offer a shopping service for residents who are isolating or shielding, which has provided some contact with the most venerable but they wanted to widen that contact to the whole ward and its residents.

Antonia Berelson says: “We know that not every one has access to the internet or feels able to use Zoom but we have been a massive increase of older residents that have taught themselves these skills so they can keep in contact with family and friends, so we felt we would try this way of offering the community the service our residents enjoyed from us before these crazy Covid times.” 

The first ‘virtual’ surgery will be on the Sunday Octobr 25th at 4.30pm. Anyone who would like to attend needs to email before the day at to and they will be sent a link they just need to click on at 4.30pm on the day.

The St Helens Councillors want to hear from you about, roads, litter, grass cutting, pot holes, planning matters and pavements as well as anything that is affecting the lives of St Helens. 

“We all need and want to keep in contact with each other during this pandemic it’s human nature and we are really looking forward to seeing and listening to our residents and making sure they carry on getting the service they would expect from their local councilors,” says Andy Batsford. 

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