Old town has a new Priest as Paul takes charge at All Saints and St Clements

Who said that religion and politics don’t mix?

Paul Hunt

All Saints and St Clement’s in the old town has announced that its new priest-in-charge is the Reverend Paul Hunt who was agent forLiberal democrat candidate Nick Perry at last December’s General Election.

“I’m please to say that there are committed Christians in all of the Hastings political parties.

“Christians believe that God is active in his creation and so Christians should also be actively concerned about what is happening in the world around them,” said Mr Hunt who will be working part-time in the parish.

“We are delighted that Paul has accepted the Bishop’s invitation to become our parish Priest,” says Church warden Ann Wing.

“we look forward to working with him in our historic parish.”

Mr Hunt, 62, was formerly Senior Chaplain of Emanuel School in London and a Priest-in-Ordinary to the Queen. A long time Hastings resident he enjoys opera, following Arsenal and has run the Hastings Half Marathon several times.

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