Court deadline is up on Battle Road’s danger structure – council considering’ what to do next

In May owners of a dangerous building in Battle Road were taken to court and given 16 weeks to repair or demolish the structure – their time is up so what happens next?

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council (HBC) has told us: “The council is aware that seemingly no action has been taken by the property owners and has been monitoring the situation.”

Public safety considerations have seen the pavement closed for four months.

It was late in May when (HBC) obtained a court order, under Section 77 of the Building Act 1984, requiring the owners to remove the danger posed by the structure either by repairing or demolishing it. The court order gave the owners 16 weeks to carry out the works.

With no significant works having been carried out since the order was obtained what happens next? The HBC spokesman said: “With the deadline approaching the council is currently considering its next steps.”

HBC stated to monitor the structural problems at the Battle Road structure when a councillor highlighted their concerns to the planning enforcement and building control teams and made the owners aware of their concerns. As soon as the monitoring started to show signs that the condition of the structure was worsening, the council began formal enforcement action against the owners. 

The view from the top – from the roof of the dangerous structure.

Then on May 15th this year East Sussex County Council’s Highways team shut the public footpath running under the structure, in the interest of public safety. 

When the court order was obtained Councillor Kim Forward, leader of the council and lead councillor for planning and enforcement said: “It is disappointing that the owners of this structure have let it fall into this state. It is even more disappointing that despite us having contacted them about this they have failed to do anything to address its condition.

“We were left with no alternative but to take court action after discussing the results of the monitoring with our structural engineer because of our fears about the danger posed to the public.

“We are delighted that the court has recognised our concerns and issued the order requiring the property owners to make the arches safe.” 

At the same time a council spokesman said HBC would: “ensure the necessary actions are taken to protect local residents.”

What do you think should happen next? Tell us in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Court deadline is up on Battle Road’s danger structure – council considering’ what to do next

  1. Not what I think should happen but what probably will. The owner will do nothing because he can’t afford to. The Council will end up paying to fix it.

    HBC should treat it as a practise run for the pier…

  2. Firstly who does own this strip of property? This lot has been in an awful state for well over a decade. Where was the HBC action team Grotbusters to take action on it. In fact where has HBC been for all the years it has been decaying. The council ignored it until it fell into a dangerous state. If it had been located anywhere near the sea front HBC would have been on it long ago.
    The only way out now is for HBC to file a
    Compulsory Purchase Order and then repair the property as required. I think demolition is not on the agenda given the houses above.
    Deal with the crumbling facades then either let the units out or infill them forever.

  3. Demolish them build a retaining wall at the back to support the buildings above widen Battle Road at that point as you have a bus stop at traffic lights which isn’t a good idea as it holds up traffic

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