It’s only been a year – Donna and Ray have big plans for Sharnfold

It’s a year since a St Leonards couple became the owners of a popular 79 acre tourist attraction just a few miles from their home town and they’ve got big plans for its future.

Lambs are proving to be be popular as the school summer holiday season gets underway.

Donna Bull and Ray Grant have invested heavily to boost Sharnfold Farm, situated at Stone Cross between Hailsham and Eastbourne. They’ve totally renovated coffee shop and just recently the lambs have arrived for the school summer holidays.

They are pleased with how their first 12 months in charge have gone and now they aim to increase the farm’s appeal to customers of all ages.

Donna explained: “Sharnfold Farm is an extremely popular place to visit, not just during the summer but all year round.

“We like to think we attract people from a 45-mile radius and we are only half an hour away for visitors from Hastings and 1066 Country.

“You can come here for just a short visit or you can spend up to half a day here or perhaps even more as there is so much to do.

Donna Bull above) and Ray Grant have big plans for the continued development of their business at Sharnfold Farm.

“Now the school holidays are here, we see more families with young children coming from all over east Sussex but we really want our appeal to be as wide as possible.”

Attractions at Sharnfold Farm include:

  • Farm shop where all the products are either farm grown or sourced locally
  • Butchers with its own farm-reared and other very locally sourced meats
  • New coffee shop which has been revamped in the past few months
  • Farm trail and play area for youngsters, including a tractor, slide, swings a secure garden, plus an activities sheet for the kids to complete
  • Animals to see, including pigs, sheep, cows, lambs, cattle, chicken and goats 
  • Fishing lake
  • Caravan site
  • Pick Your Own.

Donna says: “Our coffee shop has had a complete makeover, and the floor area is five times the size that it was.

“We’ve revamped the menu and built a large new patio area outside. We are delighted with how it looks now.

There’s great fun to be had at Sharnfold.

“Once life gets more back to normal, we want to offer it out as a place to have parties, weddings and other events. 

“Our shop is so popular because so much of what we sell is locally sourced and also because we bring in fresh fruit and vegetables daily. We sell high end honey and jam as well as quality cakes and biscuits and most of what we sell at the butchers is meat reared here on our farm.

“We are doing our bit to reduce carbon footprint and our policy is to keep everything local, and we are proud of that.”

The couple have some exciting plans for the future.These include creating an enchanted forest, including pixies, fairies in trees and a complete fairy village, and a bigger farm with more crowd-pleasing animals, Donna said: “We always strive to be family friendly but we also want to attract people of all ages for some of our offerings.”

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