Foreshore Trust announces £45k of funding for organisations focused on Covid-19 response

The Foreshore Trust has is giving more than £45,000 to projects responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

That grants will be funded from the latest round of its small and events grant programme this latest round was launched in April with a specific focus on projects responding to Covid-19.  

The trust received 50 applications from a variety of organisations proposing projects including services responding to the current pandemic, socially distanced events and services supporting individuals and groups in need.

Councillor Margi O’Callaghan.

Rather than wait until the next meeting of the charity committee on July 13th, special ‘urgency’ rules have been used to agree and distribute the money to the successful projects as quickly as possible.

Councillor Margi O’Callaghan, new Chair of the Charity Committee said: “Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our communities, which is why the Foreshore Trust and Charity Committee adapted the programme to prioritise projects that were helping respond to the effects of the pandemic and we wanted to push this funding through as soon as possible.

“Eleven projects were approved. A wide range of worthy causes were awarded grants in this round of funding and it was great to be able to allocate this funding so quickly in these exceptional circumstances. 

 Some of those receiving a cash boost from the Foreshore Trust include:

  • A programme which offers professional counselling for social care workers
  • A music mentoring project for young people
  • A virtual café for carers
  • Small necessities, a programme which provides starter packs of kitchen utensils and personal hygiene necessities to previously homeless or resettled families and individuals. 

All the approved projects are to be delivered between June 2020 and March 2021.

“We are looking forward to seeing our funding used to support these projects which are so important to our community,” said Ms O’Callaghan

For further information on the Foreshore Trust please go to:

Want to know more about the background of the Foreshore Trust? Then follow this link…

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