In her own words – Sally-Ann Hart on the issues facing Hastings

When Sally-Ann Hart spoke to Hastings In Focus this week she had a lot of interesting and what some will see as controversial things to say, here’s just a few.

And here’s the full interview

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One thought on “In her own words – Sally-Ann Hart on the issues facing Hastings

  1. I listened to the entire interview and agree with much that was said in the first part. I think we do need to take a more risk based approach and that would include following Scotland’s lead in recognising that children are at very low risk from Covid , so schools should reopen normally in September if staffing levels allow. I also agree that Hastings needs to re-open but that would be considerably more palatable to the majority if the govt hadn’t made such a complete cock up with track and trace. It was thereafter in the interview that Sally-Anne lost my support. While she did recognise that the current health crisis has had a major impact on family incomes, she still talked about peope being unable to feed their children because they make bad choices. That might possibly be true of a very small minority but perhaps our MP might like to try feeding her family and paying all her bills if she were being paid the minimum wage. Add to that another govt cock up, Universal Credit. One single payment is probably a good idea but the way it was set up with a long waiting period was at best unrealistic and at worst cruel. Also, if Sally -Anne had called for the findings of the last seven inquiries into racial discrimination to be implemented , rather than yet another one, I would have agreed with most of what she said about the statue controversy. I was angry that she didn’t highlight the fact that the nastiest violence in London didn’t come from BLM protesters but so called statue protectors. Where I am in complete disagreement with her is Brexit. She will of course never agree with me that we have always had soveriegnty but that’s a lost cause, sadly. I do question her assertion that we have to be sensible about fishing BUT IT HAS TO BE ON OUR TERMS. You can have one or the other but not both, I suggest. On the final point of refugees, I think the govt stance is disgraceful. The UK has accepted a pitiful number of people made homeless and stateless as a result of wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

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