Finally! A list of the toilets that are open, but use them at your own risk says council

The toilets that are open are:

Here is a full list of the toilets operated by Hastings Borough Council (HBC) that have been opened this week.

  • West of Haven
  • Grovesnor Gardens
  • Warrior Square Promenande
  • White Rock Gardens
  • Rock-a-Nore Road
  • Old London Road (Ore Village)
  • West Hill Café (Castlehill Road)
  • Alexandra Park St Helens Road
  • Country Park (Coastguard Lane)
  • Pelham Car Park
  • Stade, East Beach Street

Toilets that are not open and why:

Toilets on the West Hill have been reopened.
  • The other two toilet blocks at Alexandra park – HBC has opened the larger of the three park facilities
  • The two other toilets at West of Haven (key holder only) – HBC has chosen to open the publicly accessible block which is a short walk from these two smaller facilities
  • Helipad – This is a short drive/ walk from Coastguard Lane public toilets which are open
  • Falaise Road – This is walking distance from White Rock Gardens, and of the two facilities, Falaise receives a considerable amount more vandalism
  • Marina – As this shares an access corridor to both male and female sections, HBC cannot see a way of safely socially distancing people. This facility is a short walk to either Warrior Square, or Pelham Place toilets
  • East Hill Lift – Close to either Rock-a-Nore or the Stade

A spokesman says the opening of the toilets has always been a decision based on residents’ safety: “As of Monday we felt we could start reopening the toilets safely. However due to the increased cleaning resource required to do so as safely, we have opened the amount of our facilities we feel we can safely manage. As you can see consideration has gone in to which ones to open.

“We were keen not to publicise this widely; we didn’t want to draw the attention of potential visitors to the town who may be tempted to visit in light of this knowledge. The greater the use of these facilities the greater the risk to those who use them.

“Although we have to put in place rigorous cleaning arrangements for the public toilets we have opened with the resource we have, residents use them at their own risk.”

2 thoughts on “Finally! A list of the toilets that are open, but use them at your own risk says council

  1. Given the basis given for not opening them could the first four on the non-opening list be under threat of permanent closure?

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