Owners have 16 weeks to make structure safe or tear it down!

Owners of a dangerous building in Battle Road have until August to repair or demolish it.

Last month Hastings Borough Council (HBC) successfully took the owners of 2-12 Battle Road to court over the dangerous condition of the structure. The council obtained a court order, under Section 77 of the Building Act 1984, requiring the owners to remove the danger posed by the structure either by repairing or demolishing it and that must be done within 16 weeks.

The pavement has been closed – the owners have 16 weeks to make the structure safe or demolish it.

HBC says it became aware of structural problems at the Battle Road structure when a councillor highlighted their concerns to the planning enforcement and building control teams. As a result, the council investigated and put in place monitoring.

The council continued to monitor the situation to ensure the structure did not present an imminent risk to the public and made the owners aware of their concerns. 

As soon as the monitoring started to show signs that the condition of the structure was worsening, the council began formal enforcement action against the owners because of their failure to take action. 

On 15 May East Sussex County Council’s Highways team shut the public footbath running under the structure, in the interest of public safety. 

Hastings Borough Council says it will continue to monitor the situation.

Councillor Kim Forward, leader of the council and lead councillor for planning and enforcement said this week: “It is disappointing that the owners of this structure have let it fall into this state. It is even more disappointing that despite us having contacted them about this they have failed to do anything to address its condition.

“We were left with no alternative but to take court action after discussing the results of the monitoring with our structural engineer because of our fears about the danger posed to the public.

“We are delighted that the court has recognised our concerns and issued the order requiring the property owners to make the arches safe.” 

A council spokesman says HBC will continue to monitor the situation and the owners’ response to the court order to ensure the necessary actions are taken to protect local residents.

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