Working together to ensure no one goes without – pulling together in a crisis

…providing a robust safety net for those who are hit hardest.

Pulling together in a crisis is what the people of Hastings are good at according to Natalie Williams who oversees Hastings Foodbank and pulling together is exactly what they’ve done since the outset of the Covid-19 crisis.

Back in March a Community Hub was established to create a partnership between local charities, community groups and statutory organisations to identify how to deal with the emerging crisis. The intention was to offer support and practical services to Hastings residents whose lives were hit hard by the virus and for those who felt isolated because of the lockdown.

Since then the hub has grown as more partners have joined the effort. There have been weekly virtual meetings led by Steve Manwaring, Director of Hastings Voluntary Action, that have brought together Community Hub partner organisations to develop was to work together for the benefit of the town.

One collaboration is the Hastings Emergency Food Response Group, chaired by Natalie Williams who oversees Hastings Foodbank at King’s Church, Natalie explains: “The people of Hastings always pull together in a crisis, and the Hastings Emergency Food Response Group is a classic example of the community spirit in our town.

“Together, different food poverty charities from across the town are making sure that no one who needs food goes without. Between us, we’re reaching hundreds of vulnerable households every week. We provide a robust safety net for those who are hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. We are working together to try to make sure no one goes hungry in Hastings.”

The community response in Hastings ranges from cooking and freezing ready meals and providing free food delivery services, to distributing emergency food parcels for those most in need.

During April, 2,196 people received food from Hastings Foodbank, The Pantry fed 179 people and Hastings Community Transport covered over 475 miles collecting donations and delivering food parcels to residents.

Groups have worked together to identify gaps and areas of need and collaborated to avoid duplication of services. Much of the response has been made possible by the huge number of residents stepping forward to volunteer and support others, with Hastings HEART’s volunteer team completing over 150 food-related tasks in April alone.

Hastings Borough Council’s Covid-19 emergency telephone line has received over 1,000 calls, many of which have been responded to by voluntary sector organisations working in partnership with the council’s Community Hub team.

Other collaborations include Dom’s Food Mission supporting In2Play, Oasis, the local Residents Association and Hastings Voluntary Action to establish an emergency food bag scheme in the Broomgrove estate providing food for 228 residents in April.

Steve Manwaring, Director of Hastings Voluntary Action said: “These are just a few examples of the many ways in which community organisations and local volunteers have responded with a mixture of kindness energy and massive hard work to ensure that nobody is left isolated during this challenging time.

“he Community Hub has provided a platform to build these relationships and a base for working together on the economic and social recovery. I am proud of the way that Hastings has come together and shown true resilience and compassion as a town .”

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  1. Hi.We at Surviving the Streets have fed hundreds so far during this pandemic and it would be nice to sometimes get a mention.We are ALL volunteers after all

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